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For Data Scientists

The guides in this section describe how to access and leverage data if you are a Data Scientist and wish to run SQL queries, train ML models, or evaluate existing models on data held within a Bitfount Pod. As a reminder, the Bitfount platform can be used in multiple configurations, as described in Introduction to Bitfount.

For testing purposes, you might wish to act as both Data Custodian and Data Scientist for a dataset. In both cases, you will need to go through the following process prior to any data analysis taking place:

  1. Obtain Pod Permissions: Ensure you have the appropriate analysis permissions for the required datasets. See Obtaining Pod Permissions & Understanding Pod Metadata.
  2. Inspect Pod Metadata: Verify the Pod schema and the relevant transformations and data splits for your use-case. See Obtaining Pod Permissions & Understanding Pod Metadata .
  3. Analyse Data: Perform your analyses or run tasks in line with your assigned permissions. See Machine Learning Tasks and SQL Tasks.

Have questions? Check out our Troubleshooting & FAQs page or reach out to us.