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Accessing Bitfount

There are three possible points of interaction with Bitfount:

  1. Bitfount Desktop: Bitfount's Desktop application provides a user interface for those looking to manage projects, connect datasets with collaborators, and run defined machine learning or SQL tasks via a completely no-code solution. SDK users can also make models and datasets available to Desktop and Hub users by suitably authorising them.
  2. Bitfount Hub:: The Hub is the nerve centre from which all Bitfount activity is coordinated. Both SDK and Desktop users leverage the Hub as a point of authentication, project and dataset discovery, and collaboration management. The Hub is representative of Bitfount's distributed architecture, ensuring that collaborators are authorised to perform attempted tasks regardless of whether they interface via Bitfount SDK or Bitfount Desktop.
  3. Bitfount SDK:: The point of entry for data scientists and highly technical data custodians. The Bitfount SDK can be leveraged to interact directly with Bitfount APIs, programmatically connect data sources or save models, and build your own federated data collaboration networks.

Creating an Account

To get started with Bitfount, create a Bitfount account. If you have been invited to a project by another user, you will have received an email to create an account already.

Your username will be your primary identifier within the Bitfount ecosystem and can be used to publish datasets, models, or projects for collaborations.

Once you've created an account, you are ready to start collaborating!

Next Steps

Get started using the appropriate guide:

  • Bitfount Desktop & Hub for no-code collaborators looking to participate in data collaboration projects.
  • Bitfount SDK for technical users who wish to contribute models or develop products on top of Bitfount.

Need Help?

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