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Contains the base classes for handling custom models.



class BitfountModel(    datastructure: DataStructure,    schema: BitfountSchema,    seed: Optional[int] = None,    param_clipping: Optional[Dict[str, int]] = None,):

Base class for custom models which must implement DistributedModelProtocol.

A base tagging class to highlight custom models which are designed to be uploaded to Bitfount Hub.


  • datastructure: DataStructure to be passed to the model when initialised
  • param_clipping: Arguments for clipping for BatchNorm parameters. Used for federated models with secure aggregation. It should contain the SecureShare variables and the number of workers in a dictionary, e.g. {"prime_q":13, "precision": 10**3,"num_workers":2}. Defaults to None.
  • schema: The BitfountSchema object associated with the datasource on which the model will be trained on.
  • seed: Random number seed. Used for setting random seed for all libraries. Defaults to None.


  • fields_dict: A dictionary mapping all attributes that will be serialized in the class to their marshamllow field type. (e.g. fields_dict = {"class_name": fields.Str()}).
  • nested_fields: A dictionary mapping all nested attributes to a registry that contains class names mapped to the respective classes. (e.g. nested_fields = {"datastructure": datastructure.registry})


  • bitfount.models.base_models._BaseModel
  • bitfount.models.base_models._BaseModelRegistryMixIn
  • bitfount.types._BaseSerializableObjectMixIn
  • abc.ABC
  • typing.Generic


  • static nested_fields : ClassVar[Dict[str, Mapping[str, Any]]]

Static methods


def serialize_model_source_code(    filename: Union[str, os.PathLike], extra_imports: Optional[List[str]] = None,)> None:

Serializes the source code of the model to file.

This is required so that the model source code can be uploaded to Bitfount Hub.


  • filename: The filename to save the source code to.
  • extra_imports: A list of extra import statements to include in the source code.



def initialise_model(    self, data: Optional[BaseSource] = None, context: Optional[TaskContext] = None,)> None:

Can be implemented to initialise model if necessary.

This is automatically called by the fit() method if necessary.


  • data: The data used for model training.
  • context: Indicates if the model is running as a modeller or worker. If None, there is no difference between modeller and worker. Defaults to None.